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NEW! The Beauty Blend Kitchen Concierge
Customized Skin Care Service

The Beauty Blend Kitchen brings a new twist to the custom-made skin care niche with natural beauty products customers can use to blend their own healthy, eco-conscious elixirs. Each product in the all natural skincare line can be used alone or blended with other BBK products to suit individual needs and desired results. Blend BBK ingredients to create elixirs daily based on skin care issues. Your skin’s condition can be impacted by hormonal changes, the season/weather, frequent airline travel,diet and lifestyle, dehydration and environmental elements. 

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Your concierge experience provides you with a personalized involvement in selecting the best products that best meets your skincare needs. In addition, your concierge provides you with an understanding of the importance of adopting an all natural beauty routine and a healthy lifestyle to achieve that overall radiant glow. 


Enjoy the benefits of the Beauty Blend Kitchen’s personalized concierge experience which includes;

  • a 20-minute natural beauty consultation with Patti Green, curator of the skin care line

  • your customized skin care recipe

  • the Beauty Box containing the suggested Beauty Blend Kitchen products - (1) cleanser, (1) toner, (1) facial oil and sample of an essential oil, Blending bowls & spoons

  • list of nourishing foods to eat

  • outline of healthy lifestyle elements to practice daily

  • list of ingredients to avoid

  • product information and more!



For a limited time offer, Beauty Blend Kitchen Concierge Experience is $129.00.
Beauty begins from the inside out! Try our concierge service!


I’m here to inspire, motivate and guide you to create a healthier and happier lifestyle. My mantra, “Nourish Your Body, Feed Your Skin℠” is the foundation for a healthy glow.

- Patti Green, founder