creator, patti green

Enjoy the BBK ‘farm to table’ experience blending our plant based ingredients to create your personal beauty elixir that meets the needs of your skin, daily.

I curated the BBK skincare line after years of struggling with an autoimmune disease that would flare up after using any skincare product, commonly found on the market. 

I began experimenting with different natural skincare ingredients, remembering my mother’s beauty regime, who had a 30 year career in dermatology. My mother used botanicals, fruits, vegetables, oils and teas as part of her natural beauty routine. I discovered the beauty of blending natural ingredients to create beauty elixirs that met the daily needs of my skin.

For the past few years I’ve shared my knowledge, recipes and products with friends and family who’ve all encouraged me to share with others.

For a more personalized approach, I’m offering my products and recipes exclusively through my concierge service. Please schedule a time to chat and learn more about my approach to beauty, health, wellness & Beauty!. 

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