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The Beauty Blend Kitchen was created out of desperation due to an auto-immune diagnosis, chronic idiopathic urticaria two years ago. Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria simply means chronic hives, facial swelling (angioedema) and the beginning stages of anaphylaxis.  

On a monthly basis over a 10 year period, I spent days behind closed doors with swollen lips, eyes and hives. I decided to be my own advocate and began researching the theory of the causes for autoimmune diseases. I learned there was a possible link to product ingredients and the environment. I did an overhaul of my food pantry, freezer, fridge, beauty cabinets and cleaning supplies and searched for healthier products.

Over time, I began experimenting with different skincare ingredients and remembered my mother’s beauty regime, who had a 30 year career in dermatology. My mother used botanicals, fruits, vegetables, olive oil, and other natural products as part of her beauty routine. This was my inspiration to create the The Beauty Blend Kitchen. Home made rose tea and toner were part of her daily regime.

Friends and family encouraged me to share my knowledge, products, and personal health experiences with others. Soon after, I curated a number of daily and seasonal beauty elixirs to meet my skin needs and was ready to share them with the world. 

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